Point to consider while shopping for your charter:

Our offshore charters are not comparable to the cheaper charters that you may find on “fishing broker” websites. Those charters are offered by companies that do not have permits to fish in federal waters so they must fish inside of 9 miles. Florida’s west coast has a very shallow continental shelf and at 9 miles you are only fishing in about 30 feet of water. During our hot summers (April – September) most fish push further offshore to seek the coolers waters of depths of 45 feet and greater. Most of us licensed & insured “Offshore Captains” are competitively priced – so if you find an offshore charter that the price seems to good to be true – beware it likely is. 

How much will it cost?


  • Offshore Green Water 1/2 Day – $575 – 4 Hours – (3-15 miles)
  • Offshore Blue Water 1/2 Day – $650 – 4 Hours – (15-25 miles)
  • Offshore 3/4 Day – $800 – 6 Hours – (3-30 miles)
  • Offshore Full Day – $1000 – 8 Hours – (3-45 miles)
  • Offshore Red Snapper – $1400 – 8 to 10 Hours – (30-55 miles)


  • Nearshore 1/2 Day – $450 – 4 Hours (1-9 miles) *Seasonal Sept-Feb


  • Fishing Tournament -$1500 – 10+ Hours (Kingfish Only)
  • Extra Hour – $100 Per Hour

How should I pay for my charter fishing trip?

We accept Cash, Master Card, Visa, American Express and PayPal. For your convenience you may also pay for your charter using PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” option on our website. “Bill Me Later” payments must be done through our website before your charter. At your request, gratuities may be added to your charter via your charge card, but we prefer you to pay them cash.

When do I pay for my fishing charter?

You may pay for your charter by credit card at any time before your charter on our website or if you prefer you may pay for your charter by cash or credit card during your charter. Please bring the card you intend to pay with to your charter.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes. A $200 deposit will be required when booking any charter. The deposit will be refunded in the event of "severe weather and/or small craft warnings". Any cancellations must be made 7 days in advance of your scheduled charter date and time in order to receive a deposit refund.

How many people can your charter boat accommodate?

Our charter accommodates 1 – 6 persons. Even though we would love to, we cannot take more than 6 under any circumstances.

What should I bring on my charter trip?

Bring your food, drinks (beer is fine, no hard liquor please), camera, sunscreen (30+ SPF recommended) and your “I’m fixin to get some SALT WATER THERAPY attitude”. Bring a cooler to take your catch home if you like, but please use our coolers aboard the boat for food and drinks. Please do not bring bottles or wear black soled shoes. We provide all rods/reels, tackle, bait, ice and fishing licenses. If you have a favorite rod……we get it…….but please bring no more than 3.

Can I keep the fish we catch?

Absolutely. Your Capt. will inform you of what you may legally keep and it will be your decision as to how many fish to harvest. Please harvest only what you will use and leave the rest for your next trip. We will happily clean and bag your catch back at the dock.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my charter?

We will brief you of the expected weather conditions for your charter time as soon as practical. You will always have the opportunity to change your charter type from an offshore to inshore based upon the briefing we provide you and your judgment of your party. We will not take you fishing if there is a small craft advisory in effect or if we feel that there is a high probability that weather conditions could deteriorate to an unsafe condition during your scheduled charter. Don't worry; if we take you out rest assured that the weather conditions are safe for your planned charter on our boat. We want you back again and again!

Should I tip the captain / crew?

We do not automatically add a tip to your charter; however tips are always greatly appreciated. If you feel your captain and crew took good care of you, please return the favor. Average fishing charter tips for the area are 15% – 20% of the charter price.

No GPS Tracking Devices!

There are no GPS tracking devices allowed on our charters. You may have your cell phone out for taking pictures but they must be in “Airplane Mode” and not actively tracking our position. We have spent countless hours and resources to locate some of the best fishing grounds around and they are for the sole use of Salty Dog Charters to give our clients the best fishing experience possible. Violation of this policy by any member of your crew will result in the Captain returning you immediately to port and charging you the full price for your charter. Thank you for your cooperation in making sure future anglers aboard our charters will have the same great fishing trip as you.