Capt. Brandon Vaughan

Owning and operating a fishing charter business in St. Petersburg Florida is truly a dream come true for me. Coming from an outdoors family, I was introduced to the world of fishing and camping before I could walk. I caught my first fish at age 4 with my grandfather, and I was hooked - I knew that fishing was what I was born to do. I started off fishing fresh water in good ole Broken Arrow Oklahoma for bass, perch, catfish or whatever was biting. I never passed up the opportunity to cast a line and get a bait wet.

I spent every summer in Florida catching redfish, trout, snook & flounder while visiting family I knew it was a matter of time before we made the journey back to the sunshine state permanently. In 2001 it happened! We moved to the Tampa Bay area and I was in fish heaven. It wasn’t long before I became friends with many of the local fishermen and started working at the local tackle shop; fishing every minute I was not working. My dad, an avid fisherman as well, bought me a 15hp Yamaha for the old john boat my grandpa gave me and it was “game on” or should I say “fish on”, I was on the water every spare moment adding to my collection of prized secret fishing holes. I fished all over the place everyday perfecting my craft and honing my skills as an angler.

In 2006 I joined the family fishing team, “Team Reel Crazy” and started fishing the SKA / Mercury Kingfish Circuit. In the fall of 2006, we won the Suncoast Kingfish Classic out of Gator’s in Johns Pass with a 48lb kingfish. We placed top 10 in a slew of other tournaments qualifying us for nationals and the opportunity to fish in Biloxi, MS against the best teams in the country. The team is still around, even though we have settled down a little and fish only local tournaments now.

I am very lucky to have been mentored by some of the best captains, local fisherman and tournament anglers in the Tampa Bay / St. Petersburg area. They were gracious enough to share their talents and tactics with me; giving me the skills necessary to consistently produce epic days on the water for friends and customers. I pride myself on integrity, professionalism and knowledge as these are the traits I admire in all of my fishing heroes and the many local fishing legends that I have been and am still honored to fish beside today. St. Petersburg truly is an awesome destination and I look forward to your visit and to sharing our beautiful fishery with you and your friends and family.

Capt. Brandon Vaughan

Tribute to a local fishing legend, mentor and friend – Gene Turner